10 needles 35mm injection botulinum toxin


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Length= 35mm Description The needle Ambu Neuroline Inoject are specially designed to ensure the confidence and the security necessary for the operator during injections of botulinum toxin under EMG guidance.  The design in stainless steel provides the perfect balance between strength and flexibility : force to penetrate the skin, immediate and flexibility for a accurate fit of the measurement area. The needle Ambu Neuroline Inoject are available in 6 different sizes with a cable with a secure connection. They feature a toe cap with indicator touch of the recording area. In addition, the tip itself has an ergonomic profile with footprint of the index for ease of handling. key Features Fixing Luer-lock for a secure connection to the body of the syringe stainless Steel with coating of needle ultra soft for a friction as low as possible-Bevel needle ultra thin for penetration almost painless Tip color-coded for quick identification Various cable lengths available